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on the island of Elba

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Just a few years ago, anyone planning a vacation would have had almost no doubt in choosing to stay in a hotel.
But, more recently, it has become much more common to stay in a vacation home in Elba or elsewhere, rented by the owner.

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Staying in an Elba vacation home instead of a hotel is a more peaceful experience.
You’ll stay in a friendly neighborhood instead of a hallway with a dozen rooms full of people who like to make noise when you’re trying to relax.

In a vacation home, you can relax whenever you want and have complete privacy and control during your vacation.

The island of Elba offers a variety of landscapes: from beaches with their inlets, to charming seaside towns, to a rugged and mountainous interior with the highest peak, Mount Capanne, at 1019 meters (1019 feet).

A place rich in culture, you can spend time among museums and historical monuments and enjoy great food in one of the many restaurants and wine bars.

There is no shortage of activities you can do while on vacation.

Sports enthusiasts will find a great place here between hiking, biking, kayaking, trekking and playing golf.

Diving in Elba is really exciting.

The water is among the cleanest in Italy, and by snorkeling you can admire the incredible colors, fish and natural views underwater.

One of the best places to dive is at the Zanca Ants, where caves and cavities provide a rare and colorful spectacle of Mediterranean flora and fauna.

The island also offers a vibrant nightlife.