Why choose a vacation home on
the island of Elba?

A few years ago, opting to stay in a hotel would have been an easy decision for anyone organizing a trip.
However, renting a vacation property from the owner, whether it is on Elba or somewhere else, has become considerably more popular recently.

Here are a few advantages to renting a vacation home:


Anyone who has stayed in a hotel will be familiar with the sound of kids running down the hallways while you attempt to fall asleep. You have to pay a high sum to order room service or go out to the closest restaurant if you’re hungry.
Additionally, inviting a buddy to join you is either not possible or costs more.

These encounters are nonexistent when you stay in a vacation rental on Elba. You have the entire area to yourself, which you are free to occupy with anyone you choose. When it’s time for breakfast, you can make it from the comfort of your kitchen, still in your pyjamas, without walking outside (instead of being woken up by upstairs visitors hastily rushing to check out so they don’t get charged extra).

On top of all of this, you also have considerably more space than just one room. Prices for vacation rentals today are very comparable to those for hotels. However, when you pay for a vacation house, you get a number of rooms, whereas in a hotel, you only get one room, which is (if you’re lucky) 5 square meters.


This leads to the following discussion point: value for money. Vacation houses come in a range of prices, much like hotels. Value makes a difference. There is almost no doubt that you will have more room than you would in a hotel, wherever your holiday house is located.

No room service will be available, but if you frequent hotels, chances are you’ve had to go shopping to get by. You most likely have to while renting a vacation home on Elba, but you have complete control over what and when you can eat.

A vacation rental is more luxurious than a hotel in many ways. First, there are no scheduled times for your needs; you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner whenever you want; you have no return times in the evening, nor is there an invitation limit for friends and relatives. So, there is much more freedom with time.


Food is usually a major concern while on vacation. Is it not?

If you’re staying at a hotel, there isn’t much you can do about it. However, if you are renting a vacation house on Elba, you may eat whenever and whatever you want without having to endure the monotonous hotel buffet every single day. It might be expensive to eat out every day, so having a kitchen that is completely stocked is undoubtedly a better choice.

You are in complete control of this kitchen and the cuisine cooked there. You are free to stock up on food, buy your preferred products, and prepare meals however you like.


Frequently, when we think of a luxury trip, we picture a wonderful hotel with maids knocking on your door to wash the sheets. While that’s not a negative thing, you might have become irritated because nothing is really that dirty and it’s only been one night, but it’s very polluting for the environment. Contrary to this, you set the rules in a holiday house.

With so many vacation properties available, the idea of a luxury holiday is quickly evolving. Perhaps you’ve fantasized about having a beachfront home where you can play outside when the weather is great. In actuality, most people cannot afford to purchase more than one property. But what about realizing your desire to reside in a rental house for a while?

By renting a vacation home, you can fulfill your ambition for a few days or weeks. Additionally, it is less obtrusive than a hotel; there are no bellhops to disturb you, and you won’t have to pay management fees as you would if you were the owner.


Even if you don’t receive the standard hotel services, a vacation rental nonetheless provides services in a unique style. The majority of them allow pets and include TVs as well as numerous kitchen appliances, including a refrigerator, stove, coffee maker, and others.

When you stay in a vacation rental, you know exactly what to expect before you even book it, as people who rent out their homes will list everything the home has to offer. You will also be in contact with the owner, who can give you suggestions on places to visit and tell you where the air conditioner remote control is in case you can’t find it.

Casa Gabri is a villa on the island of Elba, a few steps from the sea.