Where can one go in Elba?

the lovely island that Napoleon cherished

If you haven’t been to Elba yet, you need to go right away.

This charming islet is destined to rank among the hottest vacation spots of the coming ten years.

Here are some compelling arguments for going right away!

You can swim in clear seas

Small island Elba is part of the Tuscan archipelago. Although less well-known than Sicily or Sardinia, it is just as gorgeous. It is lapped by crystal-clear turquoise water, which is ideal for swimming in the summer.

Our vacation rental on Elba is close to Schiopparello Beach, a substantial section of coastline in Portoferraio Bay distinguished by fine gray sand and clear, unpolluted waters. This entrancing beauty is framed by the Mediterranean scrub, particularly tamarisks and pines.

Also nearby is Norsi Beach, a bay that is mostly visited by locals, with whom you can have conversations and chit-chat. Grayish-blue water can be seen on the pebbly beach.

Avoid the crowds

Being off the beaten path has many perks. One of them is the lack of tourists. Elba is not a typical tourist destination, so you won’t find hordes of people or queues and crowds like on other Mediterranean islands.

Being off the beaten path has many perks. One of them is the lack of tourists. Elba is not a typical tourist destination, so you won’t find hordes of people or queues and crowds like on other Mediterranean islands.

Enjoy delicious sea food

Elba has a lot of fish eateries because it is an island. The fishermen head offshore every morning and fish all day. They then transport their catch to island restaurants in the late afternoon. Order the grilled calamari, linguine allo scoglio, and marinated mussels.

It is the perfect place for athletes

Sports fans should be aware that Elba is the best location for them as well. They’ll discover the ideal locations for kayaking, trekking, mountain biking, and diving. On the beaches, those who want to take it easy can spend their days.

One of the best activities is diving, especially on Elba, where the water is among Italy’s purest and you can even snorkel to enjoy the underwater scenery, wildlife, and colors. The Formiche della Zanca archipelago, which faces Elba, is one of the best sites to dive. There, caverns and cavities present a remarkable and vibrant display of Mediterranean flora and fauna.

Visit the Medici’s ideal city

Elba has been associated with the Medici dynasty, like many other locations in Tuscany.

Cosmopoli was founded and named after Cosimo de’ Medici by the architects Giovanni Camerini and Bernardo Buontalenti. Forte Falcone, a towering fortification near Porto Ferraio that appears to greet people ready to set foot on the island, is nevertheless a reminder of the Medici hegemony.

Portoferraio and Napoleon

The majority of boats from Piombino arrive in Portoferraio, the largest city on the island of Elba and its capital. The place where Napoleon lived while in exile has a long and fascinating history. The area’s attractions include Forte Falcone, a sizable medieval seaside fortification, a vibrant old town, and Roman ruins. can see the Giardino dei Semplici, a botanical garden with a huge variety of flora and flowers, as well as the National Museum of Napoleon, which chronicles the tale of the emperor during his exile on the island.

For its ancient history, Napoleon retreated

Few know that Elba is linked to Napoleon. He was a very important character for the island, which still celebrates him today and preserves his major works, such as villas, theaters, museums, and houses. One of the best examples of this is Villa dei Mulini, an ancient Medici villa renovated and redesigned by Napoleon.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, Alexandre Dumas and Napoleon both visited Elba; the nearby island of Montecristo is visible but closed to tourists as a nature reserve. Paul Klee also painted, and in 1947, Dylan Thomas arrived in the Rio Marina mining community and declared Elba to be the most stunning island in the Mediterranean.

Calamita mines

Iron is highly abundant in the Mines of Elba, and its mines are well-known. It is advised to go to the Calamita mines in Capoliveri.
These mines have a long history dating back to the Etruscan era and were shut down in 1980. The city’s primary resource has traditionally been iron, which has elevated the island to a key location on the Mediterranean trade routes. The only underground mine on the island that is still accessible, the Ginevro mine, must be entered.

To savor breathtaking sunsets

A romantic activity on Elba Island is watching the sunset with your significant other.

The Tyrrhenian Sea can be seen in all its glory from the island, especially during the summer when the sky is a vibrant red, orange, and yellow.